Trailer Rental, Winston-Salem, NC

Every trailer rental in our fleet is properly maintained.

Moving goods from one place to another is a complex endeavor that requires the right equipment from the very start. If your operations require a singular trailer rental or multiple trailers for an upcoming shipment, our team at Christy Trucking offers exactly what you need and then some.

Trailer Rental in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

To ensure the performance and reliability of every trailer rental in our fleet, we manage a comprehensive maintenance program that doesn’t add additional fees to your rental price. All normal maintenance expenses are included in the rate we charge, and we make sure your rental is more than suitable for your needs in terms of performance. We take great pride in caring for our equipment and feel confident you will turn to us time and time again for rentals in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Our trailer rentals come in a standard size that provides plenty of room for large shipments of goods. We would be happy to offer our opinion on whether a singular trailer rental will meet your needs or if you should plan your venture with multiple trailers in tow. With over 30 years of experience in cargo and freight hauling, you can trust our professional and reliable opinion.

Contact us at Christy Trucking today to discuss your trailer rental needs and to make a reservation. As your trusted source for all things freight and shipping, we are eager to partner with your business and reduce hassle within your operations.