Storage Services Winston-Salem, NC

You’ll find us prepared to provide both freight services and storage services to meet your needs in the Winston-Salem area.

At Christy Trucking, we offer storage services for our clients who are looking for logistics solutions during their freight transportation planning. Whether you are planning for a regional truck delivery in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area or you are scheduling several different deliveries from the Southern States to the Northeast, you’ll find us prepared to provide both freight services and storage services for your business.

Storage Services in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We offer both warehouse storage and trailer rentals at Christy Trucking, and there are several good reasons to use our storage services as part of your commercial distribution planning.

  • Cost – To start, you can easily store your goods and products in a safe, secure location where it will be easy to ship as soon as you are ready. You can keep costs down by keeping all of your shipment and storage services in one place.
  • Logistics – Additionally, planning the logistics of each shipment is a breeze when you utilize our storage services. We offer both short and long-term storage options, so you can easily fill trucks for over-the-road transportation from one location.
  • Management – It’s never been easier to manage each shipment than when you work with us at Christy Trucking. We make sure to communicate with you at every step, we use the latest tracking technology, and you’ll be able to easily inventory your supplies between transports.

If you are planning a shipment and need storage services to make your entire logistics planning go more smoothly, reach out to us at Christy Trucking to learn how we can assist you. We have more than 30 years of experience providing transportation services to meet your needs!