Freight Delivery, Winston-Salem, NC

We make on-time freight delivery possible with our services.

Knowing your delivery will get to the right destination at the right time involves a significant amount of backend work and a logistics team that knows exactly how to ensure on-time freight delivery services for optimum customer satisfaction. At Christy Trucking, we are that team, and we offer superior freight delivery options in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area.

Freight Delivery in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Connect with our transportation company, and you’ll quickly see why so many carriers prefer us for forwarding, shipping, and freight delivery. From birdseed and medical supplies to delicate instruments and equipment, we deliver shipments on time every day. From rural outposts to metropolitan areas, count on us to deliver your goods in good condition at the right place every time. We offer a variety of shipment equipment to ensure your goods are properly protected from the elements and unforeseen damage, so they arrive at your destination like they should.

As part of our freight delivery services, we deliver to distribution warehouses, medical facilities, office buildings, construction sites, and a myriad of other destinations throughout the country. We can also unload our larger trucks for conversion and to make multiple, smaller deliveries possible along with our promise to deliver on time.

As your top source for freight delivery, we promise exceptional service and goods delivered when you want them. Contact us at Christy Trucking today to discuss your delivery needs with our talented team of logistics and shipping professionals.