Freight Carriers, Winston-Salem, NC

Shipping across the Eastern U.S.? Consider Christy Trucking to get it done.

If you’re moving a lot of inventory across country on the East Coast, you may be considering freight carriers to make your transport as seamless and stress free as possible. At Christy Trucking, we are a freight carrier in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that provides shipment service for both LTL (Less Than Truckload) and TL (Truckload) shipments, with professional assurance for the safe transport of your goods.

Freight Carriers in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We have professional associations with a network of freight carriers across the Eastern U.S., including North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. We offer competitive pricing by negotiating the best possible deal for your shipment, and we work within your delivery schedule to get your costs as low as possible while getting your delivery to the destination on time.

The benefit of using freight carriers like Christy Trucking is that you have industry experts handling the transport of your shipment. Our customer-focused service is a testament to our commitment to providing quality support throughout the entire process, and you can rest easy with safety measures in place, such as cargo insurance that protects your shipment.

We’re more than just freight carriers; we believe in providing more value for your business because we understand the various needs you may have when shipping across country. Our facility has over 40,000 square feet of storage space for managing inventory before shipment, and our fleet of trucks is on standby to provide quick and reliable over-the-road delivery with expert drivers who uphold a high standard for safety and precision. Let us support you with our expertise and commitment to quality; call us today!