Freight Trucking Companies, Winston-Salem, NC

We go above and beyond what other freight companies offer.

What sets our operations apart from other freight trucking companies in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area? For starters, experience. Founded in 1985, Christy Trucking has provided freight services for greige goods and textile shippers for more than three decades. An asset-based regional trucking company, it has become more and more important to us every year to make sure every shipment is delivered safely and on-time to the right destination.

Freight Trucking Companies in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Another thing that separates us from other freight trucking companies is our commitment to the highest level of service and respect while simultaneously offering highly effective logistics and freight solutions. Our freight services are available from South Carolina and North Carolina to the Northeast and back all the way down to Florida.

We complement our superior freight services by taking great care of our equipment and hiring reliable, quality drivers. This way, every shipment gets delivered with care. We guarantee that after working with other freight trucking companies and then switching to us as your provider, going anywhere else for freight service will never be an option. Our goal is to exceed your expectations from the initial logistics booking to the day the shipment is delivered to the correct location.

We want to tell you more about everything we offer here at Christy Trucking and why we stand out from other freight service providers. Contact us today to find out how we can enhance your operations in Winston-Salem now and in the future!